25 years of experience in comprehensive legal service

We offer to our clients:

  • legal consultations on issues concerning the performance of duties of package travel organisers, travel agents, travel intermediaries, and entities rendering hotel services and running institutions offering accommodation, organising training for tour guides and tourist guides;
  • legal consultancy concerning the organisation of package travels, acting as intermediaries in concluding package travel contracts, acting on behalf of and for the benefit of package travel organisers;
  • legal assistance in drafting or scrutiny of general terms and conditions of services in tourism and package travel contracts from the point of view of provisions which do not comply with the law (abusive contract terms);
  • legal consultancy concerning proper conduct and authorised practices in complying with the statutory requirements of consumer protection, including notification duties towards clients, procedures connected with rendering replacement services, cancellation of package travels, and consideration of complaints filed by clients;
  • legal consultations on the conclusion of agency agreements and contracts for tourist services provision, as well as on their performance;
  • legal consultancy concerning the provision of payment services accompanying tourist services, particularly concerning the assessment of proper performance of notification duties towards clients, settlement of payment transactions, settlement between payer, acceptor, agent, and recipient of funds;
  • legal consultations on the provision of insurance services accompanying tourist services, particularly concerning the assessment of General Insurance Provisions of insurance contracts and the proper performance of insurance obligations when the risk stipulated in the insurance policy occurs;
  • representation before courts and organs of public administration in cases related to tort (e.g. road traffic accidents), seeking claims for compensation for improper performance or non-performance of contractual obligations, including agency agreements (settlement between package travel organisers and agents: terms and conditions of commission and indemnity), contracts for tourist services provision, seeking recourse claims against contracting parties, seeking claims under insurance contracts, contracts for payment services provision (e. g. chargeback), legal consultancy in control proceedings, and in cases related to improper organisation of package travel;
  • legal assistance in issues within the scope of unfair competition acts in cases concerning tourist services, acts infringing personal rights, image rights, copyright and neighbouring rights, and Internet domains;
  • compliance service – the assessment whether the activities carried out within the area of tourist services comply with domestic and European Union law.