25 years of experience in comprehensive legal service

Long-term experience of lawyers working in our office, including the knowledge of the specificity of the medical market, as well as of the issues within the scope of medicine necessary for the needs of court actions, allows us to render services entailing:

  • assessment of the merits of claims arising from medical malpractice;
  • litigation concerning physicians’ professional liability;
  • representation in cases related to medical malpractice before the Regional Commissions for Evaluation of Medical Events;
  • representation in cases related to disciplinary liability before the organs of professional self-government of physicians and dentists;
  • negotiations with medical institutions, physicians and patients;
  • consultancy within the scope of legal aspects of medical treatments, examinations and experiments;
  • comprehensive (both ongoing and emergency) legal services to medical institutions;
  • services to medical personnel, including the legal aspects of employment forms, as well as the rights and duties related to them;
  • drafting legal opinions on the analysis and interpretation of the provisions of legal acts and secondary legislation regulating the issues related to medical law in its broad sense.

Our legal office guarantees the approach tailored to each client’s individual problem, as well as special care about our clients’ interests, ensuring at the same time the highest quality of services rendered.

We provide our services to:

  • medical institutions
  • medical personnel
  • patients