25 years of experience in comprehensive legal service

For 25 years we have been rendering legal services to entities with foreign capital participation from Germany, Spain, Ireland, Israel, Denmark, France, the Netherlands the United Kingdom, as well as from the USA , among others. The experience we have gained allows us to adjust our services to the needs of entities from different corners of the world. We provide our foreign clients with legal and tax opinions as to the formation of business entities in the most appropriate legal forms in Poland. We offer to our clients advice on running their enterprises and we assist them in the termination of business activities in Poland. On a daily basis we deal with correspondence, write legal opinions on and draft contracts in English, and we analyse contracts with foreign firms. We provide our clients with ongoing legal assistance when meetings of authorities of companies with the participation of foreign shareholders are organised, and when shares in companies are sold.

Commencement of Business Activity

We ensure assistance within the scope of comprehensive legal and tax consultancy to entities conducting business activity, as well as to entities which are planning to commence their business activity:

  • we advise on the choice of the most convenient form of business activity;
  • we conduct legal and tax simulations;
  • we draft documents necessary for the formation of a new entity;
  • we help in registering an entity in proper official register,
  • we draft civil law agreements, i.e. tenancy agreement, contract of mandate, cooperation agreement, distribution agreement and contract to perform a specified task or work;
  • we help to obtain concessions and permissions.

Termination of Business Activity

We ensure comprehensive assistance within the scope of legal and tax consultancy to entities conducting business activity, as well as to entities which are planning to terminate business activity:

  • we assist in the choice of the method of terminating business activity;
  • we assist in the liquidation of a business entity, the division of assets, and the settlement of accounts between business partners;
  • we advise on issues connected with liability for the obligations of a business entity;
  • we help to prepare petitions for declaration of bankruptcy ;
  • we provide help in the procedure of a business entity removal from KRS (National Court Register; Companies House).