25 years of experience in comprehensive legal service

We provide legal assistance in issues concerning promissory notes and other securities, inclusive of:

  • advice on issues related to promissory notes redemption, validity of a promissory note, promissory note clauses; securing claims under promissory notes, pursuing claims under promissory notes, preparation of promissory note declaration, and other issues connected with promissory note law;
  • assistance in cases related to cancellation and retirement of shares, purchase of shares, squeeze out, repurchase of the company’s own shares, in cases connected with temporary share certificates, promoter certificates, and certificates issued on the cancellation of shares;
  • assistance in cases connected with promissory note transactions, share and bond trading, which includes drafting sale, security and gift agreements, provision of legal advice and participating in negotiations;
  • ensuring representation in court in cases connected with promissory notes, bond, shares, registered and bearer securities;
  • help in the preparation of offers of public and non-public issues of shares and other securities.