25 years of experience in comprehensive legal service

Legal services rendered by Ceret Grzywaczewska Legal Counsel’s Office include in particular:

  • drafting contracts, with a special focus on contracts of sale and contract of delivery, contract to perform a specified task or work, construction, tenancy, lease, leasing, loan, agency contracts, contracts of mandate, civil law partnership, factoring, franchise cooperation, licence, sub-licence, syndicate, distribution agreements, as well as contracts concerning accounts receivable trading;
  • drafting general terms and conditions of agreements;
  • providing legal opinions on agreements, general terms and conditions of agreements and advising on the choice of contract clauses which improve our clients’ security in legal transactions;
  • offering advice in all possible problems connected with conclusion, enforcement and termination of contracts, abusive contract clauses, compensation claims for non-performance or improper performance of contracts, compensation claims for personal injury and property damage inflicted as a result of conducting business activity, as well as in cases connected with creditor’s security in case of debtor’s insolvency, with the protection of the right to trade name, with the dissolution of co-ownership, with transmission easement, as well as with debt collection;
  • conducting negotiations and representing our clients in judicial and enforcement proceedings.