25 years of experience in comprehensive legal service


We render comprehensive legal services to all non-governmental organisations, including:

  • associations,
  • foundations,
  • chambers of commerce,
  • public benefit organisations,
  • sports organisations.

We provide our clients with:

A. full legal assistance in the formation of organisations, among others:

1. in drafting internal documents of organisations: constitutions, regulations and drafts of resolutions;
2. in the appointment of organisations’ authorities;
3. in the conclusion of contracts for lease of premises and lending for use, contracts of mandate, of employment and of cooperation;
4. we assist in the preparation and submission of documents to relevant registers and for the creation of a bank account;
5. within the scope of paid and unpaid public benefit work;
6. within the scope of economic activity conducted by organisations;
7. in obtaining the status of a public benefit organisation;
8. within the scope of tax and remuneration obligations, as well as the obligations towards employees, cooperating parties, organisation’s founders, persons appointed to positions in organisations;
9. within the scope of obligations resulting from the Act on Counteracting Money Laundering

B. corporate services to organisations, including among others:

1. we draft legal opinions on internal documents of organisations: constitutions, regulations, drafts of resolutions, contracts, recommendations and  guidelines;
2. we provide legal services at general meetings and meetings of organisations’ authorities;
3. we write legal opinions on and draft documents filed with KRS (National Court Register; Companies House), ZUS (Social Security Service), GUS  (Central Statistical Office) and Tax Office;
4. we carry out constitutional changes within organisations;
5. we provide assistance within the scope of obligations to keep minutes
6. we offer help in conducting economic activity by organisations.

C. assistance in matters within the scope of employment law, taxes, social insurance and personal data protection;

D. assistance in matters connected with control of non-governmental organisations;

E. legal assistance in matters connected with obtaining EU funding and execution of EU projects by organisations;

F. full support in dissolution, liquidations and bankruptcy of organisations